Saturday, October 29, 2011

Homeschool Sale

One of the great things about the homeschool community is that you never feel obligated to brush your hair when you hang out with them...pajamas are considered formal never feel like you're being're never subjected to unsolicited advice on child rearing or pedagogy moms are pretty generous about the items they are no longer using. They are usually happy to either donate them or sell them for a very reasonable price. I've acquired a few items this way and try to contribute to this cause whenever possible.

The best loot usually comes from the moms who have completed their homeschool journey. I was looking over just such a list recently when I started to consider a time when I might have a similar list of items to post. I'm hoping we're a long way from there, no matter what you've heard me scream from the room where I'm sitting now, but if I were having the sale tomorrow it would look like this:

  • One dog-eared copy of "The Well Trained Mind". Includes significant amounts of hand crafted marginalia done in pen and ink. No extra charge. (One example: next to paragraph on scheduling first grade is printed in an emphatic font, "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!") Smells slightly of garbage from the time I threw it in the garbage only to retrieve it 2 hours later. And from the other time I threw it in the garbage but regretted it almost immediately.
  • One dog-eared copy of "The Well Trained Mind: Second Edition". Same notes apply.
  • One dog-eared copy of "The Well Trained Mind: Third Edition". Same notes apply.
  • One copy of "Screamfree Parenting". Never opened.
  • "Ecoutez! Parlez!" French program. Years 1 - 3. Year One gently used.
  • "Escucha y Hablemos!" Spanish program. Years 1-3. Year One gently used.
  • "Sprechen und Zuhoren!" German program. Years 1-3. Never opened.
  • " " Chinese program. Years 1 - 3. Never opened.
  • Slightly used copy of, "Learning to Write is FUN!" Pages 1-4 used. Some tear stains on page 4. Some ghosting from where I had to erase the word "NOT" from the front cover.
  • One copy of "Teaching Craft Projects is FUN!" Some tear stains on page 4. Some ghosting from where I had to erase the word "NOT" from the front cover.
  • Several bottles of wine. Empty.
  • Pencils of every variety. All are guaranteed to provide some kind of impediment to getting the work done in a timely manner.
  • Unlimited lead bits fired from the tips of mechanical pencils. Some are still embedded in my face which will add to estimated ship date.
  • Every coloring book published by Dover. All unused.
  • Seventeen jillion dictionaries. All unused.
  • One t-shirt. Adult small. Says, "I SAID TO LOOK IT UP!" Slightly shredded.
  • One pack of cigarettes. Unopened but shows significant wear.
  • One Page-A-Day Latin Phrases Calendar. 2009. January 1 - 10 missing but otherwise complete. Also available for years 2010 and 2011.
  • One "Hot for Teacher" coffee mug. Slightly inappropriate.
That is not even close to being a comprehensive list but I have to stop because I'm getting sentimental. I'm glad my children are still very young and that we have so many more pages in so many more subjects to mark with our blood tears effort. I find, as I write this, that I'm not ready to even think about parting with any of these things yet. Even the mug.

Especially the mug.

And the cigarettes.


  1. Oh, Z, you're awesome. I love how you put all the thoughts in my head into words.

  2. Ummmm...I'm missing my copy of "ScreamFree Parenting". Would it be any trouble to open it--just this once--and see if perhaps my name is on the inside cover? I realize this devalues it in regard to resale, but would be so grateful. And thanks for this list. It makes me feel better to know that someone else is putting wine and homeschooling in the same blog entry.