Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Camping deserves a longer, more detailed post than it's going to get. I just have one observation this time. It involves something I spotted as we drove out of the park: the set-up of the "camp hosts". Camp hosts are people who live at the camp for some extended period of time and provide assistance of various types to the other campers.

These particular camp hosts had a very cute screen tent enclosing their picnic table and had decorated the interior with potted plants.

Potted plants.

In the redwood forest.

It got me thinking.

The ultimate battle of Man v. Nature isn't about Man going out to conquer Nature on Nature's turf. It's the potted plant. It's Man grabbing Nature by the short hairs and cramming it into a tiny vessel and forcing it to live against its will. The plant is trying its damnedest to just die and get it over with but Man won't let it.

I wonder what kind of control issues you have when you commit to living long term in a camper in the redwood forest but feel compelled to surround yourself with potted plants.

Of course, the whole question of Man v. Nature is moot. Man is Nature. Politically, it works better for a particular POV if Man exists outside of Nature but that's just a marketing gimmick. Unfortunately, it's enjoyed some success in spite of making absolutely no sense. But the same can be said for this:

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